Resume Templates (x2)

Looking for a new job? How about a revamp of your current resume? Over the years, I’ve seen a number of resumes, and 90% of those resumes have something in common – they are not very good! If you’re wondering why you’re not getting calls back, chances are it’s because of your resume. Your resume is your first impression with a potential employer, so make … Continue reading Resume Templates (x2)

10 Best Practices of Resume Writing (Part 1)

Firstly, unless you are a Microsoft Word expert, you should use a template to start your resume. There are a few built-in to Word; however, these are often pretty boring. There are many resources online where you can find templates for free, or to purchase (like right here, on this site!). Even when you use a template, sometimes you won’t be able to get it … Continue reading 10 Best Practices of Resume Writing (Part 1)