Golden Pin Designs was created as a way for me to share my designs and templates with others. It’s also a sounding board for all kinds of industry knowledge, best practices and other processes or tutorials focused on the experience I’ve gained over the last 17 years of my career.

I naturally gravitate towards writing and creative tasks. One of my first jobs out of high school was a customer service representative for a car dealership. My main task was to follow-up on vehicles sales with the customers and to answer phones in the evening. Before long, my natural need to organize, document, and train led me to create internal training programs, designs for keychains, and a software database to track customer activity.

After a few years of temp jobs and working as a receptionist, I realized I needed to go back to school to be taken seriously, so I completed my network administration diploma and off I went – never to manage any computer networks, ever; however, my background in computers did not go to waste. The ability to quickly pick-up and understand technology and work through problems in a logical and methodical way, has helped me immensely.

Ten years ago (2007), I started a consulting company and have been consulting in a number of industries since. I’ve worked mainly in oil and gas, but also in healthcare and banking.

I’m a serial entrepreneur in a way. I’m always on the look-out for new business ideas, new ways to connect with others, to express myself and to help other people. I hope that Golden Pin Designs gives you inspiration, food for thought, or answers a question for you!

Thanks for connecting with me,