How to Convert a Word document to PDF

Tutorial Bite: How to Convert a Word document to PDF

Did you know that you don’t need PDF writer software anymore to save a Word document in PDF format? It’s been an option for the last few iterations of Word, and one that I use all the time. I have the Adobe PDF converter plug-in installed, but I never use it. I find that the simple ‘save as PDF’ works the best.

I’m using Microsoft Office 365, but these instructions will work for Word 2010 and beyond.

Save As – PDF

  1. Click File > Save As
  2. Choose the appropriate folder where you want to save (newer versions of Word only), and the Save As browser window appears.
  3. From the Save As Type dropdown, select PDF


The PDF options display.


If you just want a regular PDF, then you can just click Save to continue; otherwise, you can check out the other options available.

Optionally, you can investigate additional options by clicking the Options button. From here you can select the page range you want to convert to a PDF file, publish with or without markups, create bookmarks in the PDF and more.


Export as PDF

The second way to create a PDF from Word is to click Export > Create PDF/XPS.

This leads to you to same place above!


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