Resume Templates (x2)

Looking for a new job? How about a revamp of your current resume?

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of resumes, and 90% of those resumes have something in common – they are not very good! If you’re wondering why you’re not getting calls back, chances are it’s because of your resume.

Your resume is your first impression with a potential employer, so make sure that it reflects your skills in the best possibly way. If you’re not sure what I mean, you may want to check out this post.

I’ve just posted two new resumes on Etsy, available for $15 CDN.

The Sunnyside Resume:

A two page formatted resume, in a sunny yellow. It has a customizable emblem for your initials and built-in styles to allow you to easily adjust text and apply headings. Suitable for any career level.



The Protastic Resume:

A lovely professional style resume, great for managers who would like to identify accomplishments throughout their career. The template is a 3 page layout, but can be customized as required. Styles are built-in. The first page header allows for a creative, eye-catching profile statement.


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